Today is the 5th anniversary of Liberapay’s launch. Like every anniversary, it’s an occasion to reflect on the past year.

What’s changed

There hasn’t been any major change since the deployment of automatic renewals last year, but many smaller things have been fixed or improved. Here is a list of some of those changes:

  • The accessibility of the Liberapay website has been improved for people who use screen readers.
  • The maximum payment amounts have been increased for confirmed donors, to facilitate larger contributions from businesses. (#1919)
  • Descriptions have been added to the payments that creators see in their Stripe accounts. (#1913)
  • The…

A recap and an announcement in celebration of Liberapay’s 4th anniversary

Automatic renewals are finally here!

In last year’s post we said we were working on “the possibility to have your donations be renewed automatically”. Well, it took way longer than we had hoped, but it’s finally done. 😌

Screenshot of the new renewal method selector in donation forms

This feature is very new and still rough around the edges. For example the automatic renewal only works with Stripe, not with PayPal. Nevertheless we’re hopeful that it will satisfy many donors and help stabilize the incomes of creators. Of course we’ll keep working to improve it.

If you’re a donor, go check out your new “Payment Schedule” page. If you want to turn on automatic renewals…

This week marks the 3rd anniversary of Liberapay’s launch. It’s been a very difficult year, but there are some silver linings.

A difficult year

In July our payment “partner” decided to kick us and our users out of their platform. If you haven’t done so already you may want read our two previous blog posts about this ordeal: “Liberapay is in trouble” and “Liberapay status update”.

We still haven’t fully recovered from this crisis, but since our last blog post we have been able to bring back the SEPA Direct Debit payment method.

We want to thank all the people who supported us through this difficult year, including everyone who kept donating through Liberapay regardless of the transient difficulties in doing so.

A good year?

Paradoxically 2018…

No, we’re not dead.

Three months ago we announced that Liberapay was in trouble. Since then we’ve been working on adapting the platform to work with other payment service providers, and today we’re finally ready to announce that Liberapay now supports two separate payment processors: Stripe and PayPal.

What you need to do

If you use Liberapay to receive donations: you need to connect at least one Stripe or PayPal account, otherwise donations to you cannot be processed. If both Stripe and PayPal are available in your country then we recommend setting up both.

If you’re a donor: you don’t have to do anything right now. You will automatically…

Our payment processor (Mangopay) is throwing us out. Liberapay won’t shut down, but the service will be disrupted until we can fully migrate away from Mangopay.

The first two sections of this blog post are about what you should do as a Liberapay user. Mangopay may cut us off as soon as July 26th, so don’t wait too long. The last section is about how Liberapay is going to change and improve in response to this crisis.

What you should do if you’re a donor

If you use Liberapay as a donor, please go to the new page titled “Emptying your wallet” and choose one of the two…

Today is the 2-year anniversary of Liberapay’s launch! Let’s reflect on the past year, and look at what’s ahead.

“Liberapay lantern”, CC-By David Revoy, from “Pepper&Carrot is now on Liberapay

Highlights of the past year

2017 was a busy and eventful year.

During the first quarter we moved our servers to Europe, and implemented “expense reimbursements”. This private feature will become available to all organizations on Liberapay in 2018.

In the second quarter of the year the rise of the Mastodon social network had a significant impact on us. We created our account in April, then a month later we implemented linking a Mastodon account to a Liberapay profile (as well as pledging to Mastodon users who haven’t joined Liberapay yet). Another month later, the Mastodon team joined Liberapay! …

Internationalization has been an important part of the Liberapay project since the beginning, and today we are pleased to announce a major step forward in this area: the transition to a multi-currency platform, with the US dollar joining the Euro in our ledgers.

We hadn’t planned to work on this in 2017, but when we heard that Gratipay was going to shut down at the end of the year we decided to step up. …

Today we celebrate the first anniversary of Liberapay’s launch! For the occasion we’ve made visual improvements to the platform and compiled a retrospective of its first year.

Top of Liberapay’s homepage, February 2nd 2017


A lot has happened during our first year!

Let’s start with the bad: just 3 months after we launched we started getting complaints about controversial people using our platform. We found no legal basis to kick them out, but our payment processor doesn’t care about that, so eventually they ordered us to ban the most problematic user, who was our biggest one at the time, and to refund all the money he had…

Four months ago we launched Liberapay, a recurrent donations platform whose primary goal is to help fund the development of free software. In this post we explore why that’s difficult, and the solutions we’re proposing for the two steps of the process: getting the money, and distributing it.

Collecting money

Many projects have trouble with the fundraising itself.

A big reason is that there are psychological barriers on both sides (the open source projects on one hand, and their users on the other).

In the eyes of many people donations are not a valid business model. To some of them it even…


The recurrent donations platform

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